Vintage Electronic Tube 9022 Tested NOS

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CT 9022

One Vintage Electronic Tube 9022 Tested NOS
Hard glass bulb and stem for maximum thermal dissipation and durability.
Precision high dissipation 4 part anode.
High durability low leakage ceramic insulators.
High durability cathode construction.
Precision cathode coating application. Heavy duty spiral filament enclosed within an extruded ceramic spacer toeliminate rattle and extend life. Accurate grid/screen alignment. Complete cleaning and hydrogen firing of all parts (excluding getters, snubbers, and glass as it would melt) prior to assembly. Zero defect inspection prior to sealing. Manual RF bombardment with visual verification to ensure all internal
components are properly out gassed. Tip-off only occurs after the tube has been confirmed as gas free and an
ultimate vacuum far below most receiving tubes has been attained. Getter flashing is performed one at a time under visual watch to
eliminate burned barium and promote maximum yield for long life Tube aging is accurately controlled to ensure the most efficient
conversion from carbonate to emissive material. Burn in is performed over a 24 hour period.
Tests are run in both static and dynamic loading conditions. All tubes are swept through the entire operating spectrum and then
physically listened to to ensure quality. All rejects are eliminated to ensure that only suitable tubes make it to
market. Periodic samples are destructively tested to ensure maximum duty and reliability. Tube is test good for emissions with no shorts or leaks

. Tester Hickok 560

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