User's Manual


1. Click “Register” in the top menu. (Mandatory step) 

2. Fill in all the required fields and click Continue. 

3. After registration processing is done you will have access to the section "Tube Testers Tube Charts"

Select and check out

1.Select the product & click on the picture

2.Choose a subscription term and click "Add to Cart"

3. Click View Cart

4. Fill in all the required fields and click "Checkout"

How to use services

1. Click "Tube Testers Tube Charts.” In the drop-down menu you will see a chart where you purchased the subscription.

2. Enter the tube type in the search field and click "Search"

3. You will see the tester setting for particular tube.

4. If you see two or more lines, you have to test the tube using the setting from each line.

5. Also, for the type of tube that you test, you can check the availability on our website by clicking on the “Find on Site” link opposite the Tube name.

Then you can purchase the tube you need.